Dasha Rush: Portrait of the Artist (Electronic Beats TV)

Dasha Rush is a sound-artist and composer. Born in Soviet Russia, she releases mainly through her own imprint Fullpanda and German label Raster (formerly Raster-Noton). Rush’s sound ranges from banging techno to experimental soundscapes. She embraces fine art, and besides club gigs, she frequently incorporates performance and visual art. Telekom Electronic Beats TV visited Dasha in her Berlin studio to get to know more about this extraordinary artist, catching the rehearsals and performance of the AV show “Les Territoires Éphémères,” which was staged during Transmediale 2019 at HAU 2 Theatert.

Fact Magazin - Dasha Rush - Patch Notes

Over the past 15 years, Russian-born Dasha Rush has become one of techno’s most interesting multidisciplinary artists. On record, she has explored liminal dream states on 2015’s Sleepstep for Raster-Noton, while her live audiovisual performances have examined the continent of Antartica and, on 2019’s Aurora Cerebralis, the pathways of the human brain. In this episode of Patch Notes, Rush records a 30-minute performance in her studio that covers the full range of her musical style, moving from bleepy, minimalistic techno through warmer dancefloor sounds before finishing on an emotive ambient note.

TTT X HÖR - Dasha Rush / May 16   (MENTAL TECHNO SET)

HÖR x Sonic Groove - InDASHtrial aka Dasha Rush

Boiler Room in Sofia, it's a long overdue BR return for Dasha Rush.

The Quietus   Towards Escapism: Dasha Rush Interviewed
Theo Darton-Moore travels to Unsound in Krakow to see Dasha Rush's new collaborative audio-visual exploration of black holes, diving in to discuss why techno is art & her love of language and poetry

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Dasha Rush: Portrait of the Artist (Electronic Beats TV)
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